If Cadrage seems to show you the wrong angle of view, first check if the app is set up correctly:

  • Double-check your Camera Setup: Are you using the right Shooting Mode for your camera? Is the Lens Adapter set correctly? Lens Adapters are only meant for optical adapters. If you use a mechanical mount adapter select „None“.

  • Is there a Phone Lens Adapter selected although it is not attached to your phone?

  • Go to Settings->Calibration and check the status. Reset all Calibration Offset values to 0.00 if they show something else.

There are two more factors you need to be aware of when using the app:

  • Lenses used: Photography lenses unfortunately usually have much higher manufacturing tolerances than cine lenses. A 50mm lens might in fact be a 47mm or a 53mm physically.

  • The simulation is calculated from the principal plane of the lens and not from the plane of the sensor. The principal plane is roughly in the middle of the lens for most lenses, so this is something to consider when placing your phone and comparing it to your camera.

If all this does not help and your preview is still too close or too wide, please get in touch with us with details of your setup.