Cadrage lets you see the framing for any camera/lens combination but you will notice that you are limited by the hardware of your phone or tablet. When the field of view of the simulation is wider than your device’s field of view, there will be placeholders around the Live Image to account for the missing image information. When you choose a very long focal length, the image quality starts to decrease due to digital zooming. You can overcome these limitations by using a third-party wide-angle or tele lens adapter attached to your phone.

Using an Phone Lens Attachment

When attaching an adapter, you will need to select it in Cadrage before using it. Tap the Menu Button in the lower left and tap PHONE LENS at the top. Select one of the adapter presets or create a new one by entering the conversion factor of your adapter. Now the Live Image accounts for the changed field of view. When you remove the adapter from your phone, don’t forget to deselect it in Cadrage.