Cadrage allows you to manually control the focus, exposure, and white balance of your shots. To bring up the control panel, Swipe Left in the Live Image. To hide the controls, Swipe Right.

Select either Focus, EV (Exposure Value), or WB (White Balance) on the right and Swipe Up or Swipe Down to adjust the value. When you hide the control panel, all manually adjusted values are still displayed. To reset any value to automatic, Double-Tap its button.

To immediately adjust values without first bringing up the control panel, you can also Swipe Up or Swipe Down right away. This will show the control panel while you are adjusting the value and will hide it automatically after you have finished.

Point of Interest

As you know from your iOS camera app, you can also tap anywhere in the Live Image to set a Point of Interest. This will adjust the focus and exposure for this area. All previous manual adjustments will be reset.


By default, the flash of your device is turned OFF. To set it to ON or AUTO, bring up the control panel by Swiping Left and then tap on the Flash Button at the top. Flash is only available in photo mode.

Image Stabilization

You can use image stabilization while filming with Cadrage. Stabilization is turned on by default but can be turned off by Swiping Left in the Video Mode of the Viewfinder and tapping the Stabilization Icon.


Cadrage gives you the possibility to capture a video with or without sound. You can change this setting through Swiping Left in the Video Mode of the Viewfinder and tapping the Microphone Icon. To make sure you don’t forget to turn the sound on again if needed, the crossed microphone icon will always be visible when the sound is turned off.